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Fine issued, but impossible to be paid

New Member


I was recently visiting Basel from Belgium, having a BaselCard on board with the Sbahn. I was going just outside of the town, so wanted to ask the staff if my ticket was still valid. After checking my identity, they confirmed that I can go there. Anyway they issued me a fine, because I crossed 1st class section.

I said, I can move further, but they said I should sign the paper, that i was standing in the wrong part of the carriage. I did that and in a few days I got an mal from Swiss railways demanding to pay 75 francs.

Well, not fair, but ok. I transfered money. In a week i got a "Mahnung" saying, i have my last chance to pay. I was very surprised and checked my payment with a bank. Apparently they returned my payment  because I paid in euros, and it should be an exact amount in francs. So it's impossible for me to pay this amount from abroad.

I tried to call Swiss railways but it seems it impossible to explain the situation. And for each minute I should pay 3 euros, so I already spend half of my fine amount for nothing.

Could you please advise what can I do in this situation. 

Btw, people from control told I could appeal their decision, because there is no explocit mentioning about class issues in the BaselCard. They even couldnt find where it was written (have a look- its thr very bottom line with a microscopic text)



Hi @Dimi_bxl 

Thank you for your request.

We do not have any information regarding fines received on the train. On the form you received, there is a phone number and an email address listed. See below.

SBB Service Center Einnahmen - Zürich
Zentrale Einnahmensicherung
8048 Zürich

By mail: 
By phone: +41 51 225 90 03

You have to contact them directly, we can't help you via the Community.

Thank you for your understanding and good afternoon