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Disastrous Changes to the SBB Homepage

New Member

Sometime in the last few months there was a major, and in my view disastrous, redesign of the SBB homepage.

The new 'modernised' site is dreadful to navigate for the traveller who just wants to get on, check their route and book a ticket.

The 'F' shape identifies the location for the most important items on a website which, for an internationally used train company, must surely include the current local time clock (now at the foot of the page) and the ability to switch to the most useful language - essential for a country and trainco which run on international touris,

Why on earth should I have to guess my way to the foot - in fact the middle- of the page to get my most useful language.

Time for a rethink. please.



Commuter (silver)

Hi @PaulFynn


We’re still working on the website. Of course not everything is perfect, but we also made some good improvements:


Thank you for your feedback. I will gladly forward it to the service responsible.


Kind regards


I used to like being able to use a map to select departure points and destinations and then view the final route on the map. The 'old' website design was much easier to use and much more intuitive.

I agree with Paul that the language selection links need to be at the top of the page.

Also, the components on the web pages are too large. For example, on the old website the selections on the Advanced Search page were displayed on a single page. They have now been placed in large boxes, which requires the user to scroll back and forward to examine the selections.


Thank you.