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Bags down campaign




I would like to suggest SBB starts a social campaign to get commuters to be more polite and sympathetic to other.

1) put there bags underneath seat, not hog the seats next to them.

2) bags off backs when standing in a full train

There are some good examples from Singapore MRT that could be used.

Seems people like to try occupying as much space as possible and expect to be asked to move bags, before they do it themselves. I find this very puzzling?  Perhaps an education campaign with signage in trains and trams could start to change behaviors

Ich sollte nicht fragen müssen, ob der Platz frei ist.

Hello @Damstardam

We've had something similar with the S-Bahn before. 

Clever commuting: 

But I'll forward your input to the appropriate department. 

We wish you a nice day.

Kind regards



Thanks for the reply.  Good to know you have tried.  I've stared using SBB more often in the last few months and hadn't seen visible signage of this nature.  I am still amazed at people taking up all 4 chairs for bags and coats, and then getting annoyed when they are asked to move it.

Here is a link for your colleagues to have a look at.

The signage would need to be quite visible on platforms, in the trains and trams.  Perhaps the conductors can also make a comment to people who are visibly being less gracious.

Campaign name could be : "Ich sollte nicht fragen müssen, ob der Platz frei ist."

Ich sollte nicht fragen müssen, ob der Platz frei ist.