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Baggage Locker size and cost at Lauterbrunnen and Luzern station

New Author

Would anyone please clearyly clarify me what locker size (W*H*L) we could leave a baggage for Lauterbruneen and Luzern station ? 
And What cost of locker for both Lauterbruneen and Luzern station ? 
Thank you..


Hello @choon

The following lockers are at your disposal (locker size in cm W x L x D):

CHF 5.00 per locker
- Medium 31.7 x 61.5 x 75.0

If your luggage does not fit in the locker, you can bring it to the counter for CHF 5.00. Please note the opening hours of the station.

CHF 6.00 – CHF 9.00 per locker
- Small 24.8 x 42.0 x 75.0
- Medium 31.7 x 61.5 x 75.0
- Large 44.7 x 61.5 x 88.0


Kind regards

Hi, may I ask if we can leave our luggage overnight at the counter/ office? What will be charges?

Because we might be travelling till after 1930. Thanks for your advice.

Traveller (silver)

Hi @JinHan 

All information where and how you can leave your luggage can be found here:

Have a nice weekend.


Hi @ManuelaPf 

How about Frutigen station? If we have luggage larger than the locker, can we still give it to the counter? Because we want to go to Blausee lake, so we are unable to carry many luggages.

Thank you,  

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @TranBaoPhuoc 

Frutigen station does not offer baggage deposit service at the counter. You will find all the stations that offer this service on:

Here is the size of the lockers in Frutigen
- Small 24.8 x 42.0 x 75.0
- Medium 31.7 x 61.5 x 75.0

I wish you a nice afternoon.


Hi @JulieL 

Thank you for your reply, how about Spiez station? As I can see now they have 2 sizes for locker also but the big size is different with other stations.


Size W x H x D in cm Prices in CHF Numbers

24.8 x 42.0 x 75.0312
55 x 62 x 8856

Is this size format correct?

Does this station have baggage deposit service?

Best regards,

Hi @TranBaoPhuoc 

There is no baggage deposit service at the railway station of Spiez.

The sizes for the lockers are correct.

Kind regards

Hi @SandraI 

Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day 🙂

Best regards,