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Do you have a good idea for the SBB Mobile Preview app or a suggestion for improvement? Then record your contribution here or take part in ongoing discussions.

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Reliance on Google Chrome

Status: New idea
by wombatch ‎04.08.2017 14:41

Many people disable or uninstall Google applications on their phones. You have (by error or design) mandated Chrome in order to us the new SwissPass login. I find this totally unacceptable,  please remove this requirement or allow us to continue using the old ticket shop login.

I tested also with the open source "chomium" browser but that does not work so I believe you are consenquentially forcing people into google's tracking.

Thanks to address this issue urgently.

Avoid losing train change

Status: New idea
by Goncalobv ‎14.04.2017 12:46
Mobile app. I would like to suggest a feature of adding an alarm on trips which involve train changes. This way the user gets a sound reminder that needs to change trains. Feature not active by default.

Monthly ticket

Status: New idea
by Fares 4 weeks ago
Kindly, why can't we buy the monthly ticket from SBB app!!!
Please add this instead of buying this from the machine.
Thank you so much Smiley Happy

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