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Widget / Shortcut Swisspass öffnen

New Member
Wäre sehr effizient, wenn man den Swisspass in einem Click/Swipe direkt öffnen könnte.
a) als Widget auf der Startseite
b) als Tile
Traveller (bronze)

Sehr gute Idee!

New Member

Würde ich ebenfalls sehr begrüssen!

New Author

Habe gerade die gleiche Idee gehabt. 


Mit den Anzahl Klicks, die im Moment nötig sind, um das SwissPass elektronisch zu zeigen, ist es schneller einfach die Portemonnaie rauszuholen. 


looks like this idea is not so difficult to build out on the new iOS; SiriKit allows this script to be generated (INRelevantShortcut) without too much fuss. 


Solved: It looks like this functionality has been built in iOS! 



New Author

Great that it works for iOS (a few more details would probably be helpful for people who want to implement this solution)!

Still unsolved for Android.


iOS Instructions:

Requires iOS 12 or higher. 
So far only tested with SBB Preview 

Create a new shortcut:

  • Open the Shortcuts app (or download from the Apple App Store) 
  • Under Gallery (bottom of the screen) navigate to Shortcuts from Your Apps
  • Click See All  and scroll to SBB Preview
  • Options for a new shortcut are displayed, along with the routes you have used recently in the Touch Timetable on the SBB Preview App
  • Select Open my SwissPass. Add to Siri is required at this point, even if you have Siri turned off in settings
  • Your new shortcut will appear in the My Shortcuts  tab of the Shortcuts app

Add to homescreen

  • In the Shortcuts app, click the settings icon (●) at the corner of the shortcut tile, and again (●●●) in the settings of the shortcut to show the Add to Home Screen option. 
  • Custom icons are possible by clicking on the icon displayed. 

Running the shortcut

  • The shortcut can be run from the home screen if added
  • The shortcut will appear in the widget toolbar visible by swiping from the top of the screen. 

NB: The Shortcuts app does not run in the background; when the shortcut is run it will simply automate each of the steps taken. (Open Shortcuts + Open SBB Preview + Select SwissPass) 





New Member

easy on Android (9) - long press the app icon


New Author


Frickin awesome!!!!! Thank you!