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Shortcut to SwissPass

New Member

Hello SBB Community,


So about 6 months ago I've noticed that my SwissPass has a QR code as well as a barcode on the back. My android phone allowed me to scan those codes and store them as shortcut on my homescreen, so I was able to quickly pull out that code on the phone and show it when needed. This worked flawlessly.


Since about a month though half of the inspectors are mocking me in trains that this is not an official SBB app and that this doesn't work. Luckily I still always have my SwissPass in physical form at my side.




I have now registred at SBB and added my SwissPass to the SBB app but the solution they came up with is horrible. Everytime I switch back to the app I noticed that the QR code has changed, so I'm not able to just make a screenshot of it to quickly open it with a shortcut and be good. Every god **bleep** time I have to open the SBB app >> do a Swipe >> click 'My Settings' >> and finally click 'my SwissPass'. This sure might sound stupid to complain about but I would like to just have a quick shortcut that directly shows my SwissPass.


Since I think Android Nougat it is possible to make shortcuts for certain sections in the app, the sbb app already has shortcuts to the tiles for example. This is also possible on iPhone.

Is it possible to please get a shortcut to the SwissPass section. I don't want to click or swipe that much since the only reason why I have the app in the first place is to show my SwissPass.


Kindest regards