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Intégration Google Assistant

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Depuis peu, diverses applications se sont "intégrées" à l'assistant vocal de Google (Google Assistant et Google Home) :

Ainsi, en France, il est possible d'obtenir rapidement des horaires de train SNCF en parlant simplement au Google Home, sans lancer d'application. Il serait vraiment intéressant que les CFF en fassent de même, ce qui permettrait de rapidement demander les horaires des prochains trains en quittant la maison sans devoir lancer l'application.


Ok, thank you ! :-)


Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to exist in French...

If I use the url you specify here ( ),

and change language to "fr" like this :


The link doesn't work... I tried sending the service to my phone using the "de" page but it doesn't work either...

I suppose you have to enable it in French somewhere in the administration page ?


Thanks again !

Nouvel auteur works for me. Perhaps it's just a replication delay between when it was approved and when you actually saw the newer version. Can you try again? 


Thanks, it's working now ! :-)

I can talk with it, but I'll try more tonight at home ;-)


After some testing, it's working in French, thanks !


But it's difficult to know what it accepts precisely as input, as one word difference is enough for an error...

Is there some way to know exactly what inputs it accepts in French, and how to formulate them ?


Thanks in advance Smiley heureux