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Login requirement

Traveller (bronze)
iOS 11.0.3
Mobile preview 7.0.1(08)

Every purchase ticket now sends me to swisspass login page. Login is not saved as it was previously.
Lors de l’achat d’un billet je suis redigirée sur la page web de swisspass qui demande le login. Ce login n’est plus sauvegardé comme par le passé.

Re: Login requirement

Traveller (bronze)
I am copying here my post in the other support forum (!!!)

I reiterate that removing Touch ID for the purchase of tickets is a step backwards and removes from the usefulness of the app. I have an app to avoid using a browser. Therefore do not wish to be redirected to a browser. Réfléchissez un peu !!

This new app was presented to « Us » (the Public and the Users) as one developed in a Collaborative Community Spirit. Obviously not everything « We » ask for can be implemented, but when you REMOVE functionality and do NOT inform your clients, you are reverting to the old-school attitude of opacity.
I noticed, in the App Store, that there are other complaints about functionality changes, which were not communicated either.

Re: Login requirement


Hello @Hilbo

You have the possibility to activate the simplified purchase for tickets under CHF 40.00 as well as the Touch-ID/Fingerprint. Please therefore open the the menu --> "My Settings" --> "Other Settings" and activate the desired function. This remains saved until the next logout. 

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