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Crash on export to calendar

New Member
iPhone 7 / iOS12 / preview v8.4.0

App crashes immediately after action export to calendar.

Re: Crash on export to calendar


Dear @Vodkaguy

This error is know to us but until know we were not able to reproduce it. Please let us know the following information, so that we can further analyse it.

- language of your phone
- region of your phone
- format from the calender you use
- which calender do you want to use (f.e. Google)

You may also submit us these information by e-mail:

Thank you and kind regards, ClaudiaR

Re: Crash on export to calendar

Hi all

I have the same issue thus I was wondering whether the issue will be solved soon or if I can help with providing some information too?


Re: Crash on export to calendar

New Member
Das selbe Problem bei mir.
iPhone 7,
iOS 12.0.1
Sbb App English
App neu installiert - Problem bleibt bestehen
Mehrere Kalender

Re: Crash on export to calendar

Hi Roger
Es hat sich für mich gelöst in einem der Updates. Aber hast du es schon mal probiert mit der Sparche fürs App auf Deutsch umzustellen? Vielleicht hilft das ja..
Liebe Grüsse

Re: Crash on export to calendar

New Member

I have the same issue, very problematic to keep agenda up-to-date.

  • Phone : iPhone SE, iOS 12.1 (was also crashing with iOS 12.0)
  • iPhone Language : English
  • Region : Switzerland
  • Calendar Format : Gregorian
  • Calendar : Default one, Apple's Calendar of the iPhone

Was working fine before iOS 12 ... very very annoying. 

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