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Saver Day Pass suggestion

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We reach Geneva airport at 9am on May 3 and we leave from Interlaken Ost on May 6 10am.

So we are confused which pass to take for our below outline of places we wish to see.

1. Primarily we want to see countryside(train,bus), scenic beauties, lakes and use cogwheel trains and cable-cars which are included in our pass. Least or no preferences for museums, long duration hiking, activities for sole reason we have just 3 days to explore Switzerland.

2.After all maths(I may be wrong!), I zeroed down on SAVER DAY PASS(SDP) without Half Fare Card(HFC) for 3 days (6 saver day pass in total for two of us) but when I see the validity area I have 2 queries

a) When it shows "Train to point A" what does this mean? From any location to point A is free?

b)When it shows " Train from A to B" what about return back ie from B to A point? Should I buy separate ticket apart from Saver Day Pass?

3. Please suggest places/routes which are purely covered in Saver day pass without spending extra on one time ticket.

Your inputs will be helpful and I will be thankful for making our stay pleasant and efficient.

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Hello @PrashanthAlbert

Please be aware that Saver Day Pass are not always available (they are on quota / contingent). Have you checked ? Or ? Some offers are only available outside Switzerland.


Regarding 2 a/b: whats the source of this information?




Thanks for your reply.
For 2 a/b here is the link

few more queries kindly answer.

1. If i buy one Half fare card(HFC) can I buy 2 swiss travel pass(3 days) with it? or is it 1 HFC can buy only 1 swiss travel pass?

2. If i buy 1 HFC can I buy multiple Saver day pass(SDP)?

3. If I try to buy HFC today, calendar shows only till April 11,2019 but my travel is May 3 to May 6, so when can I buy HFC at the earliest?

4. Does HFC need to be a physical card or a printout is enough?

Thanks in advance.