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How long does it take for halbtax to be valid?

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Guten Morgen, 

Ich hoffe ist gut wenn ich frage auf English. I would like to know How long does it take for halbtax to be valid after purchase it?

I would like to buy it and after that as soon as posible buy some trains for december (in these dates I would have already the normal halbtax, so I dont need a temporary one).

So, Can I buy tickets with disscount inmediately after paying the halbtax? Or how long should I wait?. 

Thank you.


Best regards 


Best regards 

Betreff: How long does it take for halbtax to be valid?


Hello @Enrique 

You can use your Half Fare travelcard right after its purchase. If you would like to travel but you do not have your SwissPass Card yet, a transitory pass will be issued at any SBB ticket counter. 

To purchase a ticket with the half fare reduction, you do not need to have the card though. You only have to show it to the controller when you are travelling.

I wish you an excellent weekend.

Best regards Rahel