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I Purchase my ticket online, but not receveid!!

Nuovo membro
Hi, today i purchase my ticket without any registration for tomorrow morning but i didn't recevied it in my mailbox, my transaction was succesfully transfered with 80.00 CHF... can i be refunded cause i go personaly and i will buy at the train station please?? Check my ticket for (Raul Alexandru Iurcu, For Monthey - Bergamo On 19.06.2018)
Viaggiatore/trice (platino)

Hi @dynxenger

Please contact our online support team under "" with the following details:

-e-mail adressed used during the purchase

- first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card

- order date

- order name


Thank you and have a nice day

Greetings, ValerieS




I bought the ticket online but I did not receive the email. I need the ticket urgently. thank you