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Problems to open the app

Hello Since last week I've been having problems with opening the app on my phone...

Sbb mobile app keeps stopping after latest updates

I updated the sbb app today, and now it keeps stopping (crashing) in almost any ...

Jungfraujoch mit Easyride

Is it possible to go up to the Jungfraujoch with Easyride? (and other locations ...

Vending machines on trains

Hello!given that restaurant cars are, rightly, only on long-distance trains and ...

Cannot purchase my ticket with 2 children: Exclamation sign, purchase button disabled

Hello all,Well, I guess my title trellis everything:I am traveling with two chil...

Error code TKZ-520

I’m unable to purchase a ticket through the app I get an error code

Quick ticket option is disabled in sbb app

I cannot see the quick ticket option in my app anymore. Its disabled.

Bus driver didn’t stop and passed

I was waiting for bus stopping from the bus stop. The bus driver was slowing dow...

SBB Preview push notifications do not function properly on Samsung S21

Push notifications come too late.Possible causes:SBB does not appear on the list...

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